PurkinjeBlue is Green

We think blue is the new green! Rumor has it that blue is replacing green as the color of environmentalism, social conscience, and commitment to doing good. We couldn't agree more! PurkinjeBlue is designed to be a 100% digital business and guarantees that all printing and art production is conducted within the United States. Our business strives to support other local businesses and vendors, and works hard to avoid any unnecessary or wasteful printing. Additionally, our clients can expect to receive most PurkinjeBlue deliverable in recycled, bleach-free paper packaging.

Our Social Responsibility Photography Program

Our local Community is important to us, which is why we created a community program. The PurkinjeBlue Social Responsibility

Photography Program donates up to two hours of photography, quarterly, to local organizations that need it most. Local Bay Area

Charitable Organizations interested in photography services can apply to our program by sending an email to: info@purkinjeblue.com

Please include the following information in your email:

Organization name and specific sot (c) classification.

Description of your photography needs, including location for photography.

For event photography requests, please describe type of photos to be taken.

Desired date(s) for photography.

Point of contact: name, email & phone/fax.

PurkinjeBlue receives a high number of requests for this service, your patience with our review and response is appreciated!